Pilgrim VR: Hajj & Umrah

Embark on a profound spiritual journey with Pilgrim VR: Hajj and Umrah, an immersive VR experience like no other. Through the power of Virtual Reality (VR), we offer an all-encompassing training guide to help you prepare for your sacred pilgrimage and gain a deep understanding of its rituals. Or, you can simply use it to experience what it's like to be at these holy sites.

Pilgrim VR comes equipped with an interactive training guide featuring tools like an Interactive 3D Map, Chapter Selection, Hajj Type Selection, and tutorials, ensuring you're well-prepared for your journey. Whether you choose to explore Hajj in Roaming or Training modes, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in realistic 3D scenes, listen to soothing supplications, and draw closer to the Kaaba and the Black Stone, among other sacred experiences.

The Holy Kaaba
Girl wearing a Hijab and a VR headset

Who is it for?

Pilgrim VR caters to individuals seeking knowledge about Hajj, encompassing Muslims who have not yet performed Hajj, prospective pilgrims preparing for their journey, students, educators, and non-Muslims interested in learning about Hajj.

With a robust emphasis on comprehensive training, Pilgrim VR delivers a thorough educational experience, ensuring users gain a deep understanding of Hajj and Umrah, along with the rituals associated with them. Whether you are a first-time visitor, a prospective pilgrim, or someone eager to learn about Hajj, Pilgrim VR offers a rich and detailed educational platform to enhance your knowledge and preparation.

Main Features

Interactive Training

Pilgrim VR offers immersive and interactive training to prepare you thoroughly for your sacred journey. Step-by-step guidance and hands-on engagement make it easy to learn the rituals and procedures.

Realistic 3D Environments

Dive into the stunningly realistic 3D scenes of holy sites that transport you to the heart of your pilgrimage. Feel like you're physically present, enhancing the spiritual depth of your experience.

Multifunctional Training Map

Explore the holy locations with ease using our multifunctional map. It not only provides locations but also includes essential training information and charts, enhancing your understanding of the sites and rituals.

Chapter Selection

Tailor your training experience to your needs by selecting specific chapters. This feature allows you to focus on particular aspects of your journey whether in Training or Roaming modes.

Behind the Experience

Pilgrim VR: Hajj and Umrah is the result of a global partnership, uniting educators, technicians, and creative talents. This collaboration transcends borders, bringing together expertise and innovation on a global scale.

Team behind the Experience

Shenandoah University (SU)

While leading the principal investigation and project direction, SU played a pivotal role in offering extensive technical and management support to the production studio during the development of Pilgrim VR.

SU's expertise and guidance were instrumental in maintaining a streamlined production pipeline, ensuring the team's operational efficiency, meeting deadlines, and effectively managing risks, all contributing to the delivery of a high-quality and innovative Pilgrim VR experience.

Center of Islam in the Contemporary World (CICW)

CICW's grant funding has been a significant contributor to the success of Pilgrim VR: Hajj and Umrah. This project aligns seamlessly with CICW's mission, focusing on research, education, training, and outreach related to Islam in the contemporary world.

With CICW's financial backing, the project has been able to create an innovative VR experience that promotes understanding and engagement with Islam, effectively contributing to the organization's educational and research goals. 

Siraj Studios

Siraj Studios is the VR studio responsible for the creation of Pilgrim VR. They began with extensive research to establish a strong foundation, enabling a deep understanding of the Hajj experience. Following this, they crafted a creative script and masterfully designed 3D scenes in virtual reality, elevating this project to a new level of engagement.

Siraj's team's technical expertise ensured a high-quality, interactive, and immersive VR experience. This guaranteed that Pilgrim VR was not merely a spectating exercise; it's an immersive journey where users actively connect with the Hajj experience.

Pilgrim VR's Team at Barzinji Conference 2023

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Pilgrim VR’s Team Engages at Barzinji Conference 2023, Sharing Insights on Global Partnership and Virtual Collaboration.

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